Puppet Playlist #20
Billy Joel

This March we are going to take part in Puppet  Playlist #20: Billy Joel where we will be presenting “Running on Ice” 

So come to Brooklyn and see some talented puppeteers and musicians create all-new interpretations of Billy Joel’s music

Puppet Playlist is presented by Sinking Ship Productions & The Tank.

Buy your tickets before March 14 and pay just $13 each! (Reg $15 each)

Thursday, March 17th        8:30pm
Friday, March 18th    7:30pm & 9:30pm

Triskelion Arts
106 Calyer Street
Brooklyn (Greenpoint)


The Matchless Poet

In December our poetry focused edition of POE-DUNK returned to Alphabet Arts’ Puppets & Poets Festival at The Bushwick Starr. 

Funny Frights

In October we were part of the 2015 Bad Theater Fest at the PIT Loft.

And in November we returned for THE CONSEQUENCES Vol. 2 presented by The Pragmatists at Cloud City.

THE CONSEQUENCES was a night of short performances that combine theater, comics, dance, illustration, puppetry, design, music and more!  

Lighting Designer & Managing Director 
Jennifer Linn Wilcox was interviewed at
the StoryCraft blog
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Puppet Playlist 
#22 - Puppet Playlist Destroys Your Childhood

Puppet Playlist is presented by Sinking Ship Productions and The Tank. 

Puppeteers and musicians create original works of puppetry and reinterpretations of music based on a particular musical theme (voted on by the audience at the previous show). This Playlist features beloved childhood songs destroyed by our twisted grown-up minds.

Tickets are $15

November 10 @ 8:30p
November 11 @ 7p & 9p

Triskelion Arts, Muriel Schulman Theatre
106 Calyer Street
Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Recently closed

Funny Frights 

Is your heart prepared to endure FUNNY FRIGHTS!! Nearly a quarter of an hour of frightening fun...featuring spine-chilling stories of relentless banality and torturous tedium! You've never been scared 'til you've been scared in Natural Vision 3-D! In full color!

Funny Frights is coming to the BOO! Players Theatre Short Play Festival 2016
The Players Theatre will offered a different line-up of shows over a period of three weeks this October as part of their BOO! Short Play Festival. 

We’ve invited to take part in both the first and second week!

Humorously Horrendous haunted Hideaway 

This August we brought Humorously Horrendous Haunted Hideaway to The 20th Annual New York International Fringe Festival. 

Do you dare spend a night at the Haunted Hideaway!?! Spooky Sounds! Frightening Fun! Featuring... spine-chilling stories of relentless banality and heedless children! You've never been scared 'til you've been scared in Natural Vision 3-D. In thrilling full color!
This was our fifth presentation at FringeNYC, and we created a hideaway for people who love puppetry and puns.
Taking Fun way too Seriously